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Üsküdar Amerikan Lisesi
Vakıf Sok. No: 1 Bağlarbaşı
34664 Üsküdar İSTANBUL
Ofis saatleri:
09.00 - 16.00
(Hafta içi her gün)

Kampüs Kullanımı

Okulumuz tarafından yayınlanmış olan 2016 yılı prosedürü aşağıdadır.

Dear Graduates, Welcome Home!

The UAA campus was your home for many years when you were a student.   It may have been a while since you have been back, but we want every graduate to know that you are always welcome to visit.

Visiting campus during the school day.

During the school day when classes are in session, graduates are more than welcome to come and meet with teachers or just walk around the campus.  Since classes are still in session, the only thing that we ask is for you to be considerate and not distract the students or teachers who are in their lessons. 

Visiting campus during the weekend.

During the weekend,  graduates are more than welcome to come and visit campus anytime between 10:00 and 20:00.  

Requesting the use of sports facilities during the weekend.

Alumni may request to book certain sports facilities between 10:00 and 20:00 on Saturday or Sundays. You will need to request a booking through the Alumni Association web page:   /   Membership with the alumni association is required for booking facilities.

  1. Sports facilites can be booked out for a maximum of three hours per day by each individUAA /group.  
  2. Activities must be of a personal nature and not involve businesses in any respect. 
  3. Requests should be submitted at least two days in advance in order to check availability. 
  4. Priority for the use of facilities lies with the school and student activites.  If a conflict arises with a previously scheduled alumni request, the alumni booking will need to be changed.
  5. Graduates may invite up to five guests who are not alumni, under the responsibility of the person requesting the booking.  
  6. Smoking and the use of alcohol is strictly forbidden on campus.
  7. Pets are not allowed to be brought into campus. 
  8. Lastly, all individUAAs and groups are responsible for making sure the facilities are left clean after their use.  

The following sports facilities can be booked:  

  • The main gymnasium basketball /volleyball court  (the fitness room/table tennis room are not available for use)
  • The outdoor basketball court
  • The outdoor tennis court
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